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Rev. J.S. Henry moved his family to Marion, KY in 1881.  Having been an apprentice in the monument industry he started his career in a shed in his back yard.  Shortly thereafter, a brother, Sam Henry joined J.S. and they became known as Henry and Henry Monuments.  In later years, Sam sold his half to J.S. and moved to Missouri.  Through the years, the sons of J.S. also became involved in the Monument business.  It was passed from generation to generation until 1949 when J. Albert Henry, one of the third generation owners, bought out his cousin and became the sole owner until his death in 1975.  At that time Bill Fox and his wife Joan Henry - Fox, daughter of J. Albert Henry, owned the business until their retirement in 1996.  Bill is still active in the business in an advisory capacity.


Henry and Henry Monuments has remained in the Henry Family for five generations.  The present owner, William A. (Billy) Fox, is a great-great-grandson of Founder J.S. Henry.


Through the years, each generation has spent a lifetime working in the industry and improving their techniques to provide the public with the highest quality memorials.


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207 Sturgis Road
Marion, Kentucky 42064
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626 US 62 East

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